Dec 30, 2007


How To Remove Haha.js Virus Manually

I got lot of email asking me on how to remove haha virus.. Before this i post a tool to remove this virus. That tools does work but only for a while. See here . So i decided to install haha virus on my virtual machine and figure out how to remove it manually. This is my method.
Firstly you have to install unlocker (Unlocker is an explorer extension that allows you with a simple right-click of the mouse on a file or folder to get rid of error message such as error ) download Unlocker latest version .The reason to install this software is to kill instantly the virus process that running on your machine.

Then you go to start>search> type haha.js

After finished searching for the haha.js virus (under search option please enable search including hidden system file) Please ask me in the comment if you dont understand this.

Select all haha.js file by CTRL+A. Right click and remove it with unlocker. Remove the all haha.js at the same time. Dont remove them one by one.

Finished deleting the virus using Unlocker go to start>run> type in regedit . Inside regedit navigate to edit>find next (type haha.js) hit find next. Just delete the registry that you found related to haha.js. Repeat the find next process until theres no more haha.js file in your pc. If you have problem please state them in the comment. This method really worked. I have done it to a lot of pc that infected with this Virus.


How to remove public service ads from adsense

Firstly sorry for the bad english. I will try to improve. Public service ads.. How to remove them from your blog? When your website or blog content does not have a relevant keywords google will replace it with the publice service ads as a default ads . They wont pay you a penny if anyone click on that ads. Thats mean it will bring you nothing except you waste your space for nothing. I figure out some tricks to remove or avoid this kind of public service ads. so you could earn more revenue from your adsense. Ok let me tell you the secret. Firstly setup a googlepages or free website.. i suggest you all to use googlepages since its easier. Load up your webpage maker. You can google them and find the free one. Create your own ads with html editor. I use microsoft frontpage to do thisThese may need a little skils.. see my example

Be creative. Make it looks like your adsense ads size, or you may links to your website or refereals or affiliate program. Save them as default_300x280.html or what ever.Upload your customized .html page to your freewebhost or googlepages. Copy the link of your page. (Example setup your new adsense code. See the More Option Section

Notice that you have a choice to view the public service ads or not! so Check Show the non google ads fron another url. Simply enter your url where you upload the ads. Gudluck!

Dec 28, 2007


Top 10 Movies Of 2007

acording to this is top 10 movies of the year 2007

Spider-Man 3
Total Gross: $336,530,303

Spidey's third spin shattered the wall-crawler's own previous box office records, grabbing the biggest opening weekend of all time.

Shrek the Third
Total Gross: $321,012,359
The green one returned to reclaim his crown, drawing the largest opening weekend crowd ever for an animated movie.

Total Gross: $319,071,806

Autobots and Decepticons waged battle to break out as the biggest non-sequel moneymaker of the year. Naturally, a sequel is in the works.

Pirates of the Caribbean:
At World's End

Total Gross: $309,420,425

The third Pirate installment looted less box office booty than last year's "Dead Man's Chest," but still plundered the highest worldwide gross of 2007.

Harry Potter and the
Order of the Phoenix

Total Gross: $292,004,738

Harry Potter's fifth year at Hogwarts made the series one of the most-sucessful movie franchises of all time -- second only to Star Wars.

The Bourne Ultimatum
Total Gross: $227,471,070

Matt Damon's third turn as Jason Bourne beat out James Bond, Mission: Impossible and Austin Powers as the top spy movie of all time.

Total Gross: $210,614,939

In a bulging battlefield of sequels, the mighty Spartans held their own, conquering the box office with the biggest spring opening ever.

Total Gross: $206,445,654
While not standing quite as tall Pixar's previous features, this rat tale still cooked up big numbers as the biggest G-rated movie of the year.

The Simpsons Movie
Total Gross: $183,132,370

Propelled by a devoted fan base, TV's favorite family landed in the top 10 -- a 2-D powerhouse in a sea of computer-generated spectacles.

Wild Hogs
Total Gross: $168,273,550
Defying all expectations, this biker comedy managed to beat out big franchises like "Die Hard," "Rush Hour" and "Fantastic Four."

Latest Online Gadget Pricelist | source

Dec 24, 2007


Greetings from paypal

Dec 18, 2007


Government Site Hacked By Palastinian Hacker
YouR SeCuRiTy Is Too Weak .. Be CarEfuL NeXt TimE


The World Slimmest Pc From Malaysia

MIMOS Malaysia Berhad has produced world slimmest pc called MakCik Pc (Cyberwing). This is a budget tablet pc that anyone can afford. MIMOS is a R&D organisation that functions as an advisor to the Malaysian Government on technologies, policies and strategies relating to technology development. MIMOS was hoping that Malaysian gain their awareness to the important of Information Technology. Proud to be Malaysian. We now have our own Super Brand that will hit the market soon.
Some screanshots of Makcik PC ( The World Slimmest Pc)

Hardware Specifications

  • Price around Rm 537.00 - Rm 1008.00
  • Lightweight about 800 gram
  • Highly Portable
  • Touch Screen (No Keyboard, No Mouse)
  • 16" wide screen with vivid colour
  • Equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, WiMax
  • Work with any TV
  • Built in flash memory
  • Easy accessible
  • Processor ( No Information: maybe their own processor or intel or ???)
Our prime minister launced Makcik Pc

The Cyberwind, also known as the Mak-Cik PC, is designed for rural folks. It is a low-cost digital gadget that acts as a mediator to the Internet, bringing Internet content to TV.

This proof-of-concept gadget is designed to be light-weight, mobile and work with any TV. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi (and soon, Wi-Max) capabilities to enable remote connectivity. --

Dec 17, 2007


You might be a Hacker if..........

I found this on my favourite forum...Its funny LoL

You mightbe a Hacker if..........

You've ever woken up at 3AM with an urgent need to use the bathroom, and on the wayback thought, "I'll just check my email real quick"

You've ever dreamt about source code.

Your last 5 meals consisted of pizza and MountainDew.

The sound of a keyboard clicking turns you on.

Whenever you�re happy, instead of whistling youmake the noise of a Dial-Up modem.

The last time you got up prior to noon was in 1994.

If (you_have_ever_written_email_like_this)

If (y0u 3v3|2 w|2itt3|\| a pr0f3ssi0na| |ett3|2|ike t]-[iz)

You've gone 72 hours without sleep because"this stupid thing SHOULD compile!".

When someone mentions "SATAN" youdon't think of the devil.

The case hasn't been on your computer since theday you bought it.

You call 911 when your ISP goes down.

You have a LAN in your living room.

You have 5 or more computer within your house.

You've ever used the phrase "I love kickinpuppies!" (Warez Puppies)

Your lifelong dream is to get published inBugtraq.

Your ISP calls YOU for tech support.

Microsoft calls you for source codes.

Bill Gates calls you for ideas for other Windowsupdates.

You think "Unix Wars" should be madeinto a movie.

You've been obssesed with Sandra Bullock eversince "The Net" came out.

You watch the movies: �Hackers�, �TerminalError� and �The Net� more than 10 times a day.

You think your phone is tapped.

Your phone IS tapped.

You tapped your own phone just to see if youcould.

The amount of RAM you have is > your IQ.

Dec 16, 2007

0 Hacked by underground hacker Hacked by Cyber Sabotage tim. Some snapshots. . They have done a really great job..(owned by pacman)

Dec 15, 2007


Another Alternative to Nuffnang and Advertlets

Introducing! New blog money maker GrabMyAds. I just signed up with this new program. It offer 3 type of ads.

Skyscraper Ads (200 x 160)

Large Rectangle Ads (336 x 280)

Leaderboard Ads (468 x 60)

I can't prove anything yet but i hope this will be my new income. Up to this level i receive good income from Nuffnang and Google Adsense. Advertlets suks- i still stuck at RM4++. 6 reasons why you should choose GrabMyAds.

1. No Traffic Qualification
2. Real Time Statistic, Detailed Reports About Your Blog.
3. More Income, No Fixed Amount For Every Ads Unit.
4. What advantages Do Grabmyads Offer?
5. What Is The Ad Position Should Publisher Consider?
6. Payment In Local Currency.

Maybe you should try GrabMyAds. I put Large Rectangle Ads (336 x 280) on this blog. Visit GrabMyAds

Dec 11, 2007


How to verify whether your handphone original or not?

I have been using my handphone for quite long time.. Till now it still working fine. I am using Motorola E398. My friends also buy the same phone as me, but unfortunately it was not a an original from Motorola. How do i check whether my phone original from the manufacturer or not. This simple tips will guide you on how to check the originality of your phone? Ok the tricks is based on IMEI number. Every handphone have their own unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. To check your handphone's IMEI number just type

*#06# <<<-- This is the code to check IMEI Number

You IMEI number will be displayed on the screen..

Let say this is you IMEI number

See the digit 7th and 8th only!!
digit seven and eight 02 or 20->>assembly on emirates
digit seven and eight 08 or 80->>manufactured in germany
digit seven and eight 01 or 10->>manufactured in finland
digit seven and eight 00->>manufactured in original factory ( The Best Quality)
digit seven and eight 13->>assemble on azerbaijan

Others??? I dont know. So Before you Go and buy an Handphone. Make Sure you check the International Mobile Equipment Identity ( IMEI). My suggestion is go and buy handphone from certified Hanphone distributor. I know the price must be different,think about the quality.

Dec 9, 2007


Beautiful Anime Character Movement !!

Look alive. haha. Move your mouse and her eyes will follow your cursor. Notice that i put one of them at my blog side bar. nice!--->>>

Put them in your blogger blog..


Replace your character.swf with this code..

Character 1:
Character 2:
Character 3 :

Dec 8, 2007


Surat cinta seorang hacker

Someone send me an email subject: Surat cinta seorang hacker. Lawak lol.. i think its originally from Indonesia.

Seandainya hatimu adalah sebuah system, maka aku akan scan kamu untuk mengetahui port mana yang terbuka Sehingga tidak ada keraguan saat aku c:\> nc -l -o -v -e ke hatimu,tapi aku hanya berani ping di belakang anonymouse proxy, inikah rasanya jatuh cinta sehingga membuatku seperti pecundang atau aku memang pecundang sejati whatever!

Seandainya hatimu adalah sebuah system,
ingin rasanya aku manfaatkan vulnerabilitiesmu, pake PHP injection Terus aku ls -la; find / -perm 777 -type d,sehingga aku tau kalo di hatimu ada folder yang bisa ditulisi atau adakah free space buat aku?. apa aku harus pasang backdor "Remote Connect-Back Shell"jadi aku tinggal nunggu koneksi dari kamu saja, biar aku tidak merana seperti ini.

Seandainya hatimu adalah sebuah system,
saat semua request-ku diterima aku akan nogkrong terus di bugtraq untuk mengetahui bug terbarumu maka aku akan patch n pacth terus,aku akan jaga service-mu jangan sampai crash n aku akan menjadi firewallmu aku akan pasang portsentry, dan menyeting error pagemu " The page cannot be found Coz Has Been Owned by Someone get out!" aku janji gak bakalan ada macelinious program atau service yang hidden, karena aku sangat sayang dan mencintaimu.

Seandainya hatimu adalah sebuah system,
jangan ada kata "You dont have permission to access it" untuk aku, kalau ga mau di ping flood Atau DDos Attack jangan ah....! kamu harus menjadi sang bidadari penyelamatku.

Seandainya hatimu adalah sebuah system, ...?

Tapi sayang hatimu bukanlah sebuah system,
kamu adalah sang bidadari impianku, yang telah mengacaukan systemku!
Suatu saat nanti aku akan datang n mengatakan kalau di hatiku sudah terinfeksi virus yang Menghanyutkan, Ga ada anti virus yang dapat menangkalnya selain ...kamu.


Probably The most beautiful blogger template ever made released the latest template named 'flower'. Edited from DezinerFolio wordpress template, what else i could say about this template. ITS VERY VERY BEUTIFULL. Its looks very profesional. I think if MarthaStewart wana have a blogger blog this template will be her choice. Take a look

Jackbook Flower Blogger Template

I also apply this template to my JapaneseDramaReview blog look here
What do you think want to change yours also. However i think it doesn't match with this blog. Because its looks feminime maybe its suit with girlie stuffs blog or anything that have to do with women heart. visit for more blogger template and hacks.

Dec 7, 2007


Komuter STAR PUTRA Monorail map

For those who use public transportation in KL i think you may need this. Download them in pdf format so you can print or just save it inside your laptop or other portable devices so you may not get lost. :-)

Download KL Komuter LRT Star Map

Dec 6, 2007


How do i make use of Nuffnang Analytics to improve my traffics

I am still new in blogosphere. Last three month is hard for me to get more than 100 unique visitors per day. I tried many ways to improve traffics so it will lead to higher Adsense CTR. The main problem is i am too lazy to join social networking site and also to ping, coz i still studying and internet connection suX!!. Since Nuffnang have upgrade their system i found out that i can get what i waiting for. Nuffnang analytic track visitor to my site every hour.

Did you get the idea? Yes! Now i know what time to submit my article.Hehe Thanx Nuffnang team.Before this i made the same experiment on Digg. I found out that you should write a good content.So i fail.Nuffnang analytic experiment conclussion = CONSIDER SUCCESS!!

Look at my Google analytics. Impressive!!

This is just my simple idea. Maybe you have beter way. Credit Goes to Nuffnang team. Sorry for the bad english :-)

Dec 5, 2007


Treeman (pics)


Top 10 hacker’s Favourite tools For 2006

network vulnerbility scanner, microsoft anti spyware, techcrunch, techlog, security software


NMAP maker Fyodor made a survey 100 hacker’s favourite tool to their nmap-hackers members. Around 3243 respondent give their opinion about their favourite hacking tools. From 100 tools (You can find the list at this is top 10 hackers weapons.

Author Renaud Deraison
Year: 1998
About Nessus: Vulnerability scanner. Official website More than 75 000 organisation already use this tools. It scan computer system vulnerability.


Is a IDS (Intrusion detection system). More than millions times downloaded from


Tools to detect wireless connections( support 802.11b,802.11a and 802.11g ) also a intrusion detection system.

Metasploit Framework

Open source project to test and expand the exploit code. Programmed in pearl language. Can run in unix , linux, and windows operating system.

The GNU netcat

Netcat is a featured networking utility which reads and writes data across network connections, using the TCP/IP protocol..


hping is a command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer. The interface is inspired to the ping(8) unix command, but hping isn't only able to send ICMP echo requests. It supports TCP, UDP, ICMP and RAW-IP protocols, has a traceroute mode, the ability to send files between a covered channel, and many other features.



John The Ripper

Password cracker. This tools yet still top 10. John the Ripper is a fast password cracker, currently available for many flavors of Unix (11 are officially supported, not counting different architectures), Windows, DOS, BeOS, and OpenVMS. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords. Besides several crypt(3) password hash types most commonly found on various Unix flavors, supported out of the box are Kerberos AFS and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 LM hashes, plus several more with contributed patches.

Cain and Abel

Pasword cracker. Use bruteforce, dictionary attack, cryptanalysis attack to obtain password. Use to record VOIP conversation and also popular in wireless hacking.
Tools to analysed net protocol, also a sniffer. Compatible OS is windows, linux, and Mac OS X .

Dec 4, 2007


You Dont want to eat this!! - Only in Thailand (pics)

Ewww!!! i dont want eat this! actually this is bread made by Thailand students..Looks real ha!

Dec 2, 2007


Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 - Latest and greatest version of this superb firewall

Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 is now more powerful, intelligent and easy to use than ever.



Clean PC Mode
Advanced Network Firewall Engine
Host Intrusion Prevention System
Powerful and intuitive Security Rules Interface
Sleek New Graphical User Interface
'Smart' Popup Alerts
Application Behavior Analysis
Automatic 'Firewall Training' mode
Windows Security Center Integration
Self Protection against Critical Process Termination
Application Recognition Database
Automatic Updates
Improved Firewall Event Logging
Submit Suspicious Files to Comodo

Nov 24, 2007


Windows Xp Password Hack Utility. (Freeware)

This is small standalone software to reset and delete windows xp password. This tool is freeware.

Before this I post on how to hacks xp password using cmd (command prompt) but it’s not easy to do that. As I Google I I found this little tool called XP Password Manager. This simple programs coded in Delphi by Arash Veyskarami. In order to use this tool you may need to access administrator privilege. Else you cannot reset your windows xp password. I already tried on my machine and it’s really works. This software helpful when you forgot your own password.

XP password Hack

Nov 22, 2007


Exploiting Intranet with Webpage- Is JavaScript the New Shellcode?

This is an e-book written by Martin Johns from Hamburg University, Germany. I am still reading it and trying to understand about the proof of concept. Newbie like me takes time to learn.hehe. I love to learn something new. The goal of this e-book is to improve the security hole. All attacks covered in this e-book can be considered “legal”. Start filling your brain with some “legal” information.

Nov 17, 2007

1 hacked (pic)


How to automatically update you nVIDIA Graphic Card driver.

I am using nvidia graphic card. We already know that Nvidia provide such excellent graphic perfomance. Especially for gamers,animator and graphic maker.

I just check on nvidia hompage. They prerelease an automatic Nvidia driver detector for both graphic card and mobo( motherboard). This make my life easier.hehe. I just let nvidia detect my graphic card and provide me latest driver. Why do we need to update our driver?. Same concept as why we need to update our antivirus. In order to increase your graphic card stability you need to update your graphic card driver. How to automatically update your nvidia products driver. Firstly go to Click on Download driver section. Here you can choose two options. Directlly input your Nvidia graphic card models or let nvidia do the job.

I suggest you to choose options 2: Automatically find drivers for my nvidia products. It just take few seconds for their systems to detect the products. What you need to do is click on which drivers do you want to update (motherboard or graphic). Easy right. Then you will be ask to download and save the driver or to run it instantly after the download finished.

Nov 14, 2007


15 top social media websites that pay you cash for your contribution

Get cash for Videos
Produce a video and submit them to this money maker website. They will pay you for your creative ideas.

Metacafe -One of the largest internet video sources after youtube. You will get $5 for 1000 views. Once your video reaches 20000 views you are ready to cash out the money. What you need to do is join the Producer Reward program and start produce videos and earn money.

Revver -The scheme is base on revenue sharing. You upload the videos and Revver will combine them with suitable advertisement. The revenue that you will get is 50 percent and the rest goes to Revver. If you are lazy to produce videos you can submit others videos and get 20% of the revenue.

Break -your videos will be published on their homepage. In order to get featured o their website it must be original content. You can get as much as $400 for videos and up to $2000 for a short film. Flash animation and games are also accepted (up to $2000). Besides that they will pay you $25 for an original picture.

Flixya – I think everyone know this. Flixya will share the Google Adsense revenue 50/50 with users. The will also reward you when you refer to your friends. You can share the points obtained with ipod, laptop and other gifts.

Eefoof – The will pay you based on how much hits or views. Each month they will calculate individual page views for each item that you submit. Once you account reach $25 they will send you a pay pal transfer to you email.

Panjea – You can set the price for your media. Submit your videos or music and earn as much as 80 percent from the Adshare program when people visit your Panjea’s page. You will also earn points for uploading and referring friends. – You will earn 80 percent from the advertisement revenue. This is depending on your page views or traffics also. The more people watch your videos more you will earn.

Current TV – This is for professional video maker. Some people already earn $50 000 for a commercials videos. For more info read

Filmaka – They run a contest that divided into 3 levels Entry Jury and Final. Winner from the Entry levels will next enter into Jury level and finally winner from Jury level will enter Final level and compete with the others Jury level winner. Winner from Entry level will get $500 and $1000 to make video to compete in Jury level. Winner and runner up in Jury level will get $3000 and $2000 cash prize. Then the will move to Final level to get feature film contract and $5000 cash.
Nelsok – Nelsok will place their advertisement and Google ads with ratio 1:1 once your video shows.

Wotnext - Australia mobile video sites. You will get 50% for every $1

Planet 3 - Mobile videos sharing for UK users. For more info

Youtube – Owned by Google. They just announce that they will share revenue with uploaders.

The Video Sense – for more info

Nov 11, 2007


How to convert your documents online

I think most of you already familiar with online files or documents converter. This websites give you free services to convert your documents to other types of documents. Let say from .doc (standard Microsoft words 2003 files) to .PDF (Acrobat reader files or some of you may called it as e-books).The advantage of this services is you may convert any types of documents anytime and everywhere without installing a software. offers you similar services. Its offer free online document services including mp3 files videos Words document and bunch of other file types. The procedure is simple you just need to prepare the files do you want to convert. Then follow this steps.

Nov 10, 2007


New Google ads- Widgetbucks style

I read this news from Amit Agarwal said that Google will launch new ads style. It seems similar to the widgetbucks (click on picture to sign up)

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

They will display the price of the items live to the audience. It is not based on cost per action (CPA) but cost per click (CPC) ads. From my experience widgetbucks pay better in few situations. I saw some blogs only have Widgetbucks ads. I think this is an alternative for those who were banned by Google. Some screenshots.