Dec 17, 2007

You might be a Hacker if..........

I found this on my favourite forum...Its funny LoL

You mightbe a Hacker if..........

You've ever woken up at 3AM with an urgent need to use the bathroom, and on the wayback thought, "I'll just check my email real quick"

You've ever dreamt about source code.

Your last 5 meals consisted of pizza and MountainDew.

The sound of a keyboard clicking turns you on.

Whenever you�re happy, instead of whistling youmake the noise of a Dial-Up modem.

The last time you got up prior to noon was in 1994.

If (you_have_ever_written_email_like_this)

If (y0u 3v3|2 w|2itt3|\| a pr0f3ssi0na| |ett3|2|ike t]-[iz)

You've gone 72 hours without sleep because"this stupid thing SHOULD compile!".

When someone mentions "SATAN" youdon't think of the devil.

The case hasn't been on your computer since theday you bought it.

You call 911 when your ISP goes down.

You have a LAN in your living room.

You have 5 or more computer within your house.

You've ever used the phrase "I love kickinpuppies!" (Warez Puppies)

Your lifelong dream is to get published inBugtraq.

Your ISP calls YOU for tech support.

Microsoft calls you for source codes.

Bill Gates calls you for ideas for other Windowsupdates.

You think "Unix Wars" should be madeinto a movie.

You've been obssesed with Sandra Bullock eversince "The Net" came out.

You watch the movies: �Hackers�, �TerminalError� and �The Net� more than 10 times a day.

You think your phone is tapped.

Your phone IS tapped.

You tapped your own phone just to see if youcould.

The amount of RAM you have is > your IQ.