Dec 30, 2007

How to remove public service ads from adsense

Firstly sorry for the bad english. I will try to improve. Public service ads.. How to remove them from your blog? When your website or blog content does not have a relevant keywords google will replace it with the publice service ads as a default ads . They wont pay you a penny if anyone click on that ads. Thats mean it will bring you nothing except you waste your space for nothing. I figure out some tricks to remove or avoid this kind of public service ads. so you could earn more revenue from your adsense. Ok let me tell you the secret. Firstly setup a googlepages or free website.. i suggest you all to use googlepages since its easier. Load up your webpage maker. You can google them and find the free one. Create your own ads with html editor. I use microsoft frontpage to do thisThese may need a little skils.. see my example

Be creative. Make it looks like your adsense ads size, or you may links to your website or refereals or affiliate program. Save them as default_300x280.html or what ever.Upload your customized .html page to your freewebhost or googlepages. Copy the link of your page. (Example setup your new adsense code. See the More Option Section

Notice that you have a choice to view the public service ads or not! so Check Show the non google ads fron another url. Simply enter your url where you upload the ads. Gudluck!