Dec 15, 2007

Another Alternative to Nuffnang and Advertlets

Introducing! New blog money maker GrabMyAds. I just signed up with this new program. It offer 3 type of ads.

Skyscraper Ads (200 x 160)

Large Rectangle Ads (336 x 280)

Leaderboard Ads (468 x 60)

I can't prove anything yet but i hope this will be my new income. Up to this level i receive good income from Nuffnang and Google Adsense. Advertlets suks- i still stuck at RM4++. 6 reasons why you should choose GrabMyAds.

1. No Traffic Qualification
2. Real Time Statistic, Detailed Reports About Your Blog.
3. More Income, No Fixed Amount For Every Ads Unit.
4. What advantages Do Grabmyads Offer?
5. What Is The Ad Position Should Publisher Consider?
6. Payment In Local Currency.

Maybe you should try GrabMyAds. I put Large Rectangle Ads (336 x 280) on this blog. Visit GrabMyAds


Jack said...

Thanks for your support.

In Nuffnang, them will pay u little only. But with us GrabMyAds, we ensure you can earn more.

And somemore, our advantages that you can find in
is greater than Nuffnang as you see.

We just begin this business strategic last week, at now our marketing staff will run the market in next coming week.

You will see what is difference between us and Nuffnang soon.

happying blogging and earn $

Any comment or opinion, you can send an email to me at jack[@] or write a ticket to us.
Thanks again

Jack from GrabMyAds