Dec 11, 2007

How to verify whether your handphone original or not?

I have been using my handphone for quite long time.. Till now it still working fine. I am using Motorola E398. My friends also buy the same phone as me, but unfortunately it was not a an original from Motorola. How do i check whether my phone original from the manufacturer or not. This simple tips will guide you on how to check the originality of your phone? Ok the tricks is based on IMEI number. Every handphone have their own unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. To check your handphone's IMEI number just type

*#06# <<<-- This is the code to check IMEI Number

You IMEI number will be displayed on the screen..

Let say this is you IMEI number

See the digit 7th and 8th only!!
digit seven and eight 02 or 20->>assembly on emirates
digit seven and eight 08 or 80->>manufactured in germany
digit seven and eight 01 or 10->>manufactured in finland
digit seven and eight 00->>manufactured in original factory ( The Best Quality)
digit seven and eight 13->>assemble on azerbaijan

Others??? I dont know. So Before you Go and buy an Handphone. Make Sure you check the International Mobile Equipment Identity ( IMEI). My suggestion is go and buy handphone from certified Hanphone distributor. I know the price must be different,think about the quality.