Oct 26, 2007

Free Haha.js Dato.k Virus remover

Too lazy to write..just take this from readme.txt
This is a small virus remover build to remove certain variant of virus from your computer cleaned the effects caused by the virus. Its free to use, and free to distribute.
For list of virus that currently detected see Virus List section. Basically, I only made this remover based on viruses spread at my place, I only intend to helps my friends and some user who affected by those viruses.
.:[ What its does? ]:.
* Remove an infected files from all fixed and removable drives.* Cleans affected system* Smaller size and can be fit to your thumbdrive even also to your floppy disk.* no additional external files required.* Use less CPU resource* Just double click the application
.:[ Disclaimer ]:.
The author of this virus remover are not responsible for any lost of data or damage of your system causing by this software. Any bugs or problem should be immediately report to the author for immediate fixing.
.:[ Virus List ]:.
* .MS32DLL.dll.vbs* Brontok A.exe* Datok K.exe* haha.exe* killvbs.vbs* Tok Wan.exe* Topui.exe* History JMTi.exe* Ravmone.exe* Rvhost.exe


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phyzhoe said...

how toremove haha.js manually


Anonymous said...

Hi, i already remove the virus from 3rd step (delete "autorun" & step 5 (at registry, find all the haha.js), but now when i open the drive c:, the message display: this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. create an association in the folder options control panel.

Help Me plz

Anonymous said...

when i open my c or d drive.. i cant open by double click.. any cure for this? it stated there 'cant find haha.js'


maniack said...

project upgraded to VGuard
>> http://maniack.890m.com/wordpress/?page_id=8 <<

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