Nov 14, 2007

15 top social media websites that pay you cash for your contribution

Get cash for Videos
Produce a video and submit them to this money maker website. They will pay you for your creative ideas.

Metacafe -One of the largest internet video sources after youtube. You will get $5 for 1000 views. Once your video reaches 20000 views you are ready to cash out the money. What you need to do is join the Producer Reward program and start produce videos and earn money.

Revver -The scheme is base on revenue sharing. You upload the videos and Revver will combine them with suitable advertisement. The revenue that you will get is 50 percent and the rest goes to Revver. If you are lazy to produce videos you can submit others videos and get 20% of the revenue.

Break -your videos will be published on their homepage. In order to get featured o their website it must be original content. You can get as much as $400 for videos and up to $2000 for a short film. Flash animation and games are also accepted (up to $2000). Besides that they will pay you $25 for an original picture.

Flixya – I think everyone know this. Flixya will share the Google Adsense revenue 50/50 with users. The will also reward you when you refer to your friends. You can share the points obtained with ipod, laptop and other gifts.

Eefoof – The will pay you based on how much hits or views. Each month they will calculate individual page views for each item that you submit. Once you account reach $25 they will send you a pay pal transfer to you email.

Panjea – You can set the price for your media. Submit your videos or music and earn as much as 80 percent from the Adshare program when people visit your Panjea’s page. You will also earn points for uploading and referring friends. – You will earn 80 percent from the advertisement revenue. This is depending on your page views or traffics also. The more people watch your videos more you will earn.

Current TV – This is for professional video maker. Some people already earn $50 000 for a commercials videos. For more info read

Filmaka – They run a contest that divided into 3 levels Entry Jury and Final. Winner from the Entry levels will next enter into Jury level and finally winner from Jury level will enter Final level and compete with the others Jury level winner. Winner from Entry level will get $500 and $1000 to make video to compete in Jury level. Winner and runner up in Jury level will get $3000 and $2000 cash prize. Then the will move to Final level to get feature film contract and $5000 cash.
Nelsok – Nelsok will place their advertisement and Google ads with ratio 1:1 once your video shows.

Wotnext - Australia mobile video sites. You will get 50% for every $1

Planet 3 - Mobile videos sharing for UK users. For more info

Youtube – Owned by Google. They just announce that they will share revenue with uploaders.

The Video Sense – for more info