Nov 17, 2007

How to automatically update you nVIDIA Graphic Card driver.

I am using nvidia graphic card. We already know that Nvidia provide such excellent graphic perfomance. Especially for gamers,animator and graphic maker.

I just check on nvidia hompage. They prerelease an automatic Nvidia driver detector for both graphic card and mobo( motherboard). This make my life easier.hehe. I just let nvidia detect my graphic card and provide me latest driver. Why do we need to update our driver?. Same concept as why we need to update our antivirus. In order to increase your graphic card stability you need to update your graphic card driver. How to automatically update your nvidia products driver. Firstly go to Click on Download driver section. Here you can choose two options. Directlly input your Nvidia graphic card models or let nvidia do the job.

I suggest you to choose options 2: Automatically find drivers for my nvidia products. It just take few seconds for their systems to detect the products. What you need to do is click on which drivers do you want to update (motherboard or graphic). Easy right. Then you will be ask to download and save the driver or to run it instantly after the download finished.