Feb 2, 2008

Useful Firefox Extensions To Print Web Pages

If you like to save a web pages and print them while surfing, Aardvark is the must have Firefox Add-ons for you. Previously i write a post about how to save a web pages as a picture format (.jpg) using free online service.This is much more advanced compare to it.

What is Aardvark?

Powerful and user-friendly selector utility for selecting elements and doing various actions on them. It can be used for cleaning up a page prior to printing it (by removing and isolating elements), for making the page more readable..
Basically Aardvark help you to save your printer's ink and pages by removing the unwanted elements on the web pages. I will guide you step by step on how to do this. Firstly install Aardvark Firefox Add-ons Go to web page that you want to print and right click. Then choose to start Aardvark.As you mouse over the page, you will see a red rectangle around the current block element, together with a label showing its type,id, class, and style. You can minimise the web page by removing certain elements. What you have to do is click R to remove the element See my example.

Before eliminating the webpage.

After (I remove the unnecessary elements from web pages using Aardvark)

Aardvark Keyboard Shortcuts
W to navigate wider
R to remove the element
I to isolate the element
V to view formatted source of that element
U to undo
Q to quit
H for help