Feb 3, 2008

How to create favicon and put them into blogger template

Do you notice that this blog has firefox logo as a favicon. It will work only when you are using Mozilla fireox browser. I dont know why in IE (Internet Explorer) the default blogger favicon appear. If you want to create your own favicon, just prepare your desire logo and go to Chami. Chami provide you free picture to favicon conversion. What you have to do is download your favicon and upload them at your own hosting or Googlepages

Insert this code after the head section in your blogger template.(Remember to change the red text with your own google pages)
Your code should look like this


dekan said...

Hm.. same template, huh? :) good luck on your blog. But i wonder about the reader number.. :p

dekan said...

Page rank 3 tuh.. kire mantap tuh.. Yang penting info, rite? Banyak info kat sini.. rajin. :)

izzAt3114 said...

asal ko nyer blog ni x pakai favicon icon gak?hehe..
buat le...
kalo ko buat bley kasi contoh kat reader camne benda ni sebenarnya. :)