Jan 5, 2008

Create A document through USB storage with Jarte

If your pc is not equiped with comercial word processor like Microsoft Word than you may need this software as you default word processor. This software is much more advanced compare to WordPad. I can say this software is an alternative for those who like to make simple word document and want to save some hard disk space. The best part is, Jarrte 3.0 can be used using external storage for example pendrive or your external usb storage. What you need to do is just download the zip package of Jarte 3.0 at http://www.jarte.com/ and extract the file in single folder in your external storage or USB. Then you can start using jarte 3.0. Jarte also support the rich text format .rtf , word document .doc and plain text .txt and also new Office 2007 Microsoft Word Format or .docx. You can also choose the different format if you want.

Unlock the hidden power behind Microsoft's WordPad

General Features of Jarte 3.0
Fully compatible with Windows Vista
Tabbed interface to provide easy access to open documents
Opens files with file extension RTF, file extension DOC, and file extension DOCX (new default format in Word 2007)
Fast start up
Compact screen size
Optional "Clickless Operation" feature greatly reduces clicking
Can be run directly from a pluggable USB flash drive
High quality spell checker with custom user dictionary
Included spelling dictionaries: English (American, British, & Canadian), Spanish, French, German, and Dutch
Link to, or import, your existing custom Word spelling dictionaries
Support for templates
Export to HTML or PDF
Single click bookmarking and bookmark navigation
Send documents via e-mail
Full drag and drop file support
Instant access to recently opened documents and folders
Instant access to documents and folders designated as favorites
Adjustable document zoom
Detailed Help documentation
Editing Functions
Insert pictures, hyperlinks, tables, page breaks, equations and other embeddable objects
Quick Clips option provides easy copy, cut and paste capability using the mouse scroll wheel button
Standard clipboard functions plus a Paste Plain function which strips HTML and RTF formatting from clipboard text before pasting
Multi-level undo and redo functions

download Jarte 3.o word processor