Jan 5, 2008

Is Advertlets.com down already?

I load my webpage today. You know what happen..it rediret me to the www.adv??.com i didnt remember what the real website. But what made me mad is it stated that advertlets.com domain expired on 3.jan.2008. Wtf! hey advertlets.com if your domain expired why our website also infected. I should give them new name. Advertparasit. You like it! i was wondering how much traffics i lost during that time. Sigh! I just remove their ads, maybe forever. Its different with nuffnang.com. They are growing so fast. I got good feedback from them. Screenshots that i took(CLICK TO ENLARGE)

"Kalau kita tak boleh bagi orang senang, jangan kita menyusahkan orang"- techcrunch.co.nr


iCalvyn.com said...

there are too careless, forgot to renew their domain

but may be is their trick, now all the blogsphere are talking about this issue

phyzhoe said...

trick to make us feel that advertlets is a scam program .haha