Mar 1, 2008

How to add and blend google adsense code in blogger post post body

Its been a week this blog has no new post. So today i decided to write about how to implement Google Adsense code inside your blogger/blogspot post body. The most profitable adsense placement is in your post body and using 360X280 ads format. In this tutorial i will show you how to parse and put your Adsense code into blogger post body. Firstly login to your blogger and navigate to layout then choose edit HTML

Tick on the Expand Widget Templates ( to show all your xml hidden code)

Find this

Then copy your generated adsense code from your adsense account and go to HTML Parser
You need to parse your adsense code first before you put inside your post body.
Copy your parsed code from HTML Parser before or after

1. Adsense code after Post title

2. Adsense code after Post Content

3. Adsense code inside Post Content

Save your template and your'e done. You can also implement with another code for example your Shopping Ads, Nuffnang and others advertising program.


BobbyT said...

Nices tips! I am wondering though, whether to put AdSense ads inside a post will earn more or to put it at the side bar. Or maybe both?

phyzhoe said...

@bobby T for me inside the post is the best, try to make an experiment which one will gave you high CTR