Mar 1, 2008

Create your own comic with online comic creator and editor

I bet many of you out there are comic addict. haha. Me?I have first issue of Superman comic's book in .pdf format. I love reading Doraemon and even Shin Chan although i am already 20++. lol . I think comic is for everyone. As i digging through the net, i found something useful for those who love to read or draw a comic books.

At you can create your own Dragon Ball version,you can add speech bubbles and tweak them with some basic special effects . Once you are done with your editing, you can share your comic with other Comiqs's members, or embed it into your MySpace profile or others social networking profiles. Once you published your artwork, it will be available to all Comiqs user. Members also can rate and comment their favourite comic.

Example of comic created by Comics's member.

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dekan said...

Wah.. bagus ni.. Leh wat komik islamik. :) Uiks.. lawa template. Mahal neh.. Huhu..