Nov 3, 2007

Split large files into smaller chunks

Portable drive are really popular now. Lots of brand on the markets. They are really cheap compare to last few years. I have 2 old 256MB kingston pendrives. Everywhere i go this handy drive is the must tools for me. I always download large files from the internet.Due to slow internet connection i a normally download this big files in cyber cafe nearby. Problem occur when the file is too big and exceed my pendrive capacity. So i find a simple solution. As i explore my latest version net tools (if you want to know what net tool is click here )i found software to split and merge big file. I test it and compare with other same software. You can set the output size so it match your pendrive or what ever portable storage you want.This software able to split any files into small chunk and merge than back in a short time. The biggest advantage is it is stadalone and thats mean you dont need to install them. So you may access it using computer.

download split and merge