Oct 31, 2007

The Best software to remove most restriction done by virus

Virus to internet users are common. Virus is a program that could harm your pc. Do you ever face with this problem

1. CTRL+ALT+DEL then message box shows Task manager have been disabled by administrator..i know you never disabled your task manager.

2. Inside the control panel there is no sign of folder option icon exist.wtf!!..so sad you cannot open your hidden file.

3.Start>run> then type cmd. dammit..i cannot open my command.what the hell. How i want to download from Rapidshare(some of you may know about this)

4.More!! i think i dont need to tell all of those kind of restriction made by what we called VIRUS. If you have no idea about this see picture here

To solve this problem one company (Isergiwa-top 100 000 ranked in alexa!) have came out with really powerfull and handy software called Remove Restriction Tools. Yea this tools rock man!. From the name we alraedy know. "Remove Restriction". What this RRT can do. I dont thik you need to ask about this..Even Raymond.cc write a review and recommend this tools..Link to Raymond.cc post here. Actually this tools will enable back most of the restriction made by virus. Most of them are really important. You may try this tools. Its completly free and the best part is it is standalone program and less than 1MB. I already try the latest version of RRT.note! YOU still need to remove virus using antivirus. Try one from isergiwa!


Warning!!! Download this directly from sergiwa.com.

Note from isergiwa "According to my investigating, I found some fake copies of my programs on the internet available for download. Those copies are either corrupted or old or even merged with Trojans and Spyware by some bad guys who want to take advantage of the fame of my programs to pass their bad purposes!"
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