Oct 7, 2007

Free Firewall Protection software

Free Firewall Protection software

This is the continuation of the top 10 free antivirus. I made a simple research on a few free firewalls protection software. There are lot out there but only few of them seems to work fine and friendly with my pc. I already try few of this free firewalls protection software. This time I would like to introduce to you free firewall protection software software

Comodo Firewall Pro
Some Features in this software

• Application Component Authentication
• Defense against Trojan Protocols
• Windows Security Center Integration
• Self Protection against Critical Process
• Automatic Updater
• Firewall Logging
• Application Activity Control
• Application Recognition Database

Now firewall does not require user to activate license. It comes with lifetime free license on installation itself.
Some Screenshots

Sleek design gives an at-a-glance overview of your security status
1. Highlights - displays the latest Comodo news and information about updates
2. Traffic - high visual overview of the last minute of traffic history in terms Applications and Network protocols
3. System info - information about your system in terms of the Hardware and details of all network Adapters in your computer.
4. View Alerts - Get in-depth details on the high severity risks that the firewall has detected.
5. Update License - One click activation of your free-for-a-lifetime Comodo license.
6. Computer Security level - customize firewall security by using the slider to quickly move between preset security levels
7. Check the security of your firewall's configuration with Comodo's online vulnerability scanner, HackerGuardian.
8. Security Monitoring - get an immediate heads up on the status of the firewall's major components.
9. Protection strength - your overall security level determined by the settings you have chosen

|Download Comodo Free Firewall Pro|

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