May 3, 2008

How To Make Wifi Signal Booster (DIY)

As I promise before (Cheap Solution for Wireless Signal Booster (Homemade Wireless Antenna)) I would like to give instructions on how to create your own Wifi signal booster. Right now i am using free Wireless connection from school 500 meters from my house. Before this I couldn't even connect to Google due to terrible wireless signal.
In this tutorial I am using Aztech 802.11b/g USB Adaptor. If you have wireless pci card. the procedure still the same. By doing this you can increase your wireless signal up to 12Db. There are few products out there that you can purchase but that’s not cool at all. Do it yourself!

Building a Wifi booster DIY style
Tool that you need are
Cheap USB wireless, antenna holder, aluminum foil and USB extension cable.

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