Mar 8, 2008

Remove virus with autorun.inf (haha.js) from your flashdisk or usb storage

Before this i wrote about how to protect your Flashdisk from virus. I make an e book for that.. and it was downloaded about 3000 times. So i got a lot of feedback from people telling me that its only protect flashdisk only. So i what i do is i made some researh on the internet and found a very useful tool to remove virus that using autorun.inf. List of virus that can be remove using this free software.

W32/Perlovga (copy.exe | host.exe)
VBS_RESULOWS.A (Hacked by Godzilla, Hacked by Moozilla) <<-- this is similar to haha.js
w32automa worm (Autorun.vbs)
Trojan.Win32.VB.atg | Win32/Dzan | Worm_vb.bnr (tel.xls.exe | mmc.exe)
W32/RJump.worm (RavMonE) | W32.Fujacks (spoclsv.exe)
W32.Fujacks.BH (Fucker.vbs)
WORM_AGENT.PGV (soundmix.exe)
W32/Hakaglan.worm (RVHost.exe)
Trojan.Win32.VB.ayo [AVP] (Macromedia_Setup.exe)
Trojan.VBS.DeltreeY.b#1 (Destrukto!!! | destrukto.vbs)

The software that i am talking about is Flash Disinfector . How does it work? With one click installation flash disinfector will remove autorun.inf and replace it with the new (hidden and read only attribute) autorun.inf folder. That mean the viruses or mallware can no longer create its own auturun.inf files. I hope this will help you.
| Download Flash Disinfector | Via experi3nc3 |


Steve Yu said...

Thanks for sharing. My pendrive got many worms inside, get it from the Uni computer.

Alvin Nyau said...

Sometimes we just have to becareful when we make decision whether plug our pendrive into public pc or not.

For phyzhoe, I can't find any away to contact you. So I would just leave my message here. I have a tech blog too which I wish to exchange link with you and I've gone ahead added your link to my site under blogroll.

I would be happy if you accept my request.

Alvin Nyau.

Anonymous said...

not working..