Mar 26, 2008

Record Your Own Gaming Videos With WeGame Capturing Software

Wana talk about gaming skills but your friends don't trust you? How about show them some proof. Record your own gaming skills with WeGame Client then upload them at YouTube. Maybe you will become famous with your skills. WeGame Gaming recording is same as Fraps. The different is WeGame client is completely free. You can immedietly upload your captured video to WeGame website and people will vote your video based on the quality. I have tested on my pc when i playing Counter Strike. the result is very promising. The perfomance of the video is as fast as i play. I couldn't upload the video due to lack of internet connections. (UNITEN sucks lols)

What WeGame Offer You

Record Your Favorite Games

100% Free: No Ads, Spyware, or Time Limits

Instantly Have Your Video Online

Performance As Fast as a Zergling Rush

HD Mode!

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