Feb 19, 2008

Easily synchronize and backup your portable data

What happened if your portable storage suddenly damage or lost and you didn’t have a backup for it? I think its gona be a huge problem to some people. My U3 SanDisk pendrive is my second life. All assignments and important data are there. I always have to prepare myself and made a backup, at least after I put something new inside it. Sometimes it takes time to backup your portable flashdisk by using normal copy and paste method.
Now you can forget about it. This is the easiest way to backup your portable storage.

GoodSync can do it for you. Install a free version of GoodSync and you will be able to synchronize and backup your data automatically.
GoodSync is a free file and folder synchronization software. It uses an advanced synchronization technique to synchronize your data.

How To Good Sync?
Firstly choose which portable drive that you want to sync.

Then browse the directory where you want to save the backup

Click on analyzed to let GoodSync check the files

Finally just hit the sync button to synchronize.

Pretty easy right.

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