Jan 18, 2008

My customized 3 column template

I started blogging since 4 month ago and i have been experimenting with lot of template and Adsense placement. The purpose of doing that is because i want to profit more from this blog. To earn more i need to do more research including template tweak, keyword tweak, write a good content and of course the most important is adsense placement. Unfortunately my isp (Internet service Provider) blocked any java script from entering the server. So i have difficulty to see where the hell exactly my Adsense Ads. Luckily my girlfriends volunteer to take screenshot of my blog and e-mail to me. Thanx to her. So guys i would like to introduce to you my 3-column -blogger template. I do some major change to original template. Including sidebar and adsense placement. Before this i am using Mushblue blogger template from Jackbook.com. Its beautiful but since my friends complained, that template took long time to load. So thats why i came out with my own idea. I customized this template myself.

Some major change:
1. Each sidebar are unique.
2. Black background
3. 3 column with different colour.
4. No underline for the all link
5. Bigger post body
6. "Something to say" fo comment.

If you like to this template or would like to give your opinion. feel free to drop your comment. Thanx.


Apple said...

You should add some social bookmarking shortcuts to facilitate readers booking your posts. :)

Something like www.addthis.com