Jan 21, 2008

How to fix problem that cause by haha.js virus " can not find script file 'c:\haha.js "

Someone asking me how to fix problem cause by the Haha.js viruses or mallware. When you want to open your hard disk or pendrive you will get this error message

hi i cant open my acer(C:) and my local disk(D:) directly..it says 'can not find script file 'D:haha.js'.... so wat shld i do? the same step as above o wat? pls help!!! dis is my email-suqwerty@yahoo.com...
thank you!
Before you proceed please consider to update your antivirus protection first. My recommeded antivirus is mcafee antivirus, antivirus norton, or you should update your antivirus programs. This is the steps to solve this problem. I am not a good writer so i show the picture tutorial. Its much more easier. I hope you will like it.

First Step
Go to start > control panel. Inside the control panel click folder options. In the folder option window go to view and do this. 1. Untick the Hide protected operating system files 2. Choose to show the hidden files and folder. See pics. ( just ignore the warning message) Remember to undo this after you finished doing the last step!!.

Second step
Go to my computer. Right click on your infected hard drive and click explore.

Third step
Find this file "Autorun" and delete that file

Last step
Undo the first step to get back your normal setting and restart your computer. Good luck! If you like this post please subscribe to my feed here. or feel free to give your comment. This method can be applied only when you already remove Haha.js viruses using antivirus programs.


iCalvyn.com said...

some of my company PC infected this kind of virus and i also no idea how to clear it...

thank for your tips

phyzhoe said...

hope this post will help.. actually AVG Latest version can remove the virus. Same with kaspersky. But those antivirus does not remove autorun.inf. That why we cant open the hard disk directly

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