Nov 6, 2007

Bill Gates Secret Blog

Bill gates use blogger to blog..funny right..he could affor more than free the way this blog new update is last 20 october after two years of his last post. This Bill Gates very busy, no time to update his blog.hehe.
last post

ah, life is grand. i have my own island and billions of dollars. all i need now to complete my life are tickets to hannah montana. yes, my secret passion is revealed here, to you my plebian subjects.

you may now bow three times, say my name in praise, and log off your screens. my words are your privelege. now scurry off ye unworthy heathens.

i shall write more at my leisure (perhaps more frequently than 2 1/2 years as with my last post).

his lordship,

bill 4:16 PM

BEHOLD! I am Bill Gates, and I now control your t.v. screens, AND THE WORLD!!! A HA HA HA HA, A HA HA HA!!!!

besides that he also blog about cheese..
I wonder who is behind such idea?

Take a look