Oct 24, 2007

windows XP password hack

You can use this with any account in your xp.
I want to change the password of the owner because its password protected. This hack works with a cmd. So no software is needed.
-Click the start button on your bottom left corner of your screen and press run.
-Now you only have to type in three letters "cmd"
-A box should pop out. So now you type in "net user" (without "")
-Now your going to see all the users that your pc (xp) currently has.
Now this is how you know if the user you want to hack has a password or not, type.. net user owner and it will show you some info about that user.
....So now you look for were it says "Password Required" and if it says "YES" then is has a password.
If you know that theres a user thats password protected and you want to change the password without even knowing the original password then this is what you do.
...type in net user owner *
then your going to have to type in a password so type in any and there you go.
To check if it works log off your account and go to the account that you hacked and then type in the password that you typed in with the cmd and if it works then walla.


Anonymous said...

After I type the new password it says "system 5, error access denied" did i do something wrong???