Sep 23, 2007

Stop Error Messages from Displaying on Startup

After unistall the programs from your pc then you restart your pc. On start up you get annoying error message, prompting you to press ok to continue or whatever, on the next start up it continously give you error. The same problem happen to me, certain program will cause windows to display error when the unistallation progress is interrupted. So the way to get rid of this annoying start up message on start up is by simple registry hacking.

Run registry editor( if you have no idea about registry editor go to start-->run-->tpye in "regedit" (without"")) in regedit go to HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows. (This key holds a variety of Windows system settings.)

Right click then create a new DWORD called NoPopupsOnBoot and give it a value of 1. Pay attention to the lower and upper case. When finished close registry editor then reboot your pc. I hope this work for you becouse i already test it on my pc. Remember if you feel that the error message on start up refer to virus activity try to remove the viirus first.

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