Sep 26, 2007

Search for files on filesharing sites!!

Tired googling then result return might consider this. Search files that you want in one website. Two days ago someone email me asking how to find and download files that have been uploaded in the internet. I found lot of sites that allow you to search the databases for the uploaded files. is the one who provide you this service, search for files on the filesharing sites including from rapidshare, megaupload, sendspace, filefront, multiply turbo upload and others filesharing site.

You can choose your desire search engine. Of course Google is the best.hehe..What you have to do is just submit your search keyword, choose your search engine than choose site to search. You can also use software instead of using website.But i didnt recommend you this since my AVG antivirus recognized Rapidsearch as a virus. Just search using website.