Sep 13, 2007

How to customize My Computer Properties

PC Tricks and Tips
How to customize My Computer Properties
By: PhyzhOe

Here are the tips

This method require no software no money. Do I make money out of this? Maybe. Just require a little bit of skills. If you unable to get the expected result, you can try by download my sample. Let’s go back to work.

Firstly, right click on the My Computer icon on desktop. Then click Properties, you will see the blank space below the Windows logo. What are we going to do here is, to make it look much more beautiful.

Fire up notepad.exe. (Most powerful tool in the world-phyzhOe)
And write this script

Manufacturer=HangTuah {your own words}
Model=PhyzhOe {your own words}

[Support Information]
Line1= visit {your own words}
Line2=simple site great content {your own words}

Finished scripting then save this with name OEMINFO.ini
Then find picture with .bmp extension, rename it to the OEMLOGO.bmp
Save both file to the C\:WINDOWS\system

Right click on the My Computer icon on desktop and enjoy it. So easy..
Feel free to share your skills with me.

Download sample of OEMINFO.ini here OEMLOGO.bmp here

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Thank you ALLAH.