Sep 20, 2007

Download from Youtube without use software

Youtube! Own by google have massive collections of video. me rarely watch youtube directly from youtube. i dont like to wait for it to connection sux!. so what i do is i get the links an download it when i want to sleep. so when i woke up its already there.

This is how i do
just get the link of the video you like from youtube, copy it then open this site
no software needed. its completely free.

you can play the downloaded video instantly with flv player. because they already convert your video to .flv extension
Try it. You can save your favorite vids now.
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Wannabe Economist said...

I prefer using though. But however thanks for the recommendation!

Keep On Writing In The Free World!
-Wannabe Economist-

phyzhoe said...

yea its a free world.. thanX