Sep 19, 2007

CPU Z the best CPU Infos Tools

Cpu-Z can give most of your cpu infos including your motherboard specs. This freeware Comes with special package it can detect what processor do you use automaticaly,core speed,memory and voltage.

If you want to get your cpu infos. The best tool to have is cpu-z. The latest cpu-z 1.4 is now availlable to be download.

Moreover this little freeware is standalone and only less than 2MB and can be bring along when in your USB stick.So this is the best in its class. If you want to share your cpu specs just submit it online.

-Name and number.
-Core stepping and process.
-Core voltage.
-Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier.
-Supported instructions sets.
-All cache levels (location, size, speed, technology).

-Vendor, model and revision.
-BIOS model and date.
-Chipset (northbridge and southbridge) and sensor.
-Graphic interface.

-Frequency and timings.
-SPD (Serial Presence Detect) : vendor, serial number, timings table.

-Windows and DirectX version.

| Download Cpu-Z 1.40 By Cpuid |
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